Society Cloud

The Perfect Solution for your Apartments


We are offering an in-house developed easy-to-use ONLINE EASY & EFFICIENT  society management software. The solution is specially designed for apartments to manage easily society operations .

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This auto software deals with all the requirements of an housing society :-

  •  Configuration of Wing Floor Flat management as per building layout.

  •  Add society member and maintain Member database

  •  Monthly management of Maintenance charges and member payment due reports

  •  Generate payment receipt to member and manage Billing and Accounts of society

  •  Add society purchase to maintain and transparent Purchase Order Management

  •  Maintain Vendor list and their payment for Accounting purpose

  •  Easily track Expense Transactions of society and know the balance funds


The EVcharz Advantage

  • Our team recommends best EV charger for your hosing society.

  • Add EV charger to use member exclusively

  • Integration with your apartment management system

  • Track usage of  EV chargers among society members

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