Discover ways to extend E-Bike battery and charger life by following simple do’s and don’

  • Always use compatibility batteries with charger. Please be sure the voltage matches your battery. For example, only use the 48V charger on a 48V Battery. – Using the higher voltage charger is dangerous and can be a fire risk.
  • Never use a lead-acid charger to charge the lithium-ion battery, this may damage the battery.
  • Avoid deep discharge of the battery to prolong the life of the battery
  • Prevents full cycles in Lithium-ion battery, apply some charge after a full discharge to keep the protection circuit alive.
  • Partial and Random charge is better for life for Lithium-ion battery compares to Lead-acid battery from performance point fo view.
  • Due to the high voltage inside, it is recommended to contact an authorized service provider in case of any issue in charger performance.
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