The electric vehicle’s age in India has started, and India is in the search for its development choices. It’s predicted that 50% of vehicles in India will be electrical by 2030. The government’s drive to guarantee EV adoption via tax advantages and subsidies has propelled the industry development.

Among the massive buzz heading in India about the Electric Vehicles (EV) revolution, a Rajasthan based EV start up, EVcharZ™ has come up low cost smart IoT based EV charging store for shops, offices, and public places across India.

The services that store have to offer are EV Charging Solution, EV Battery and EV charger.

Anyone can step into this growing business by becoming an authorized reseller with EVcharZ™. They have three types of package to choose from, Silver Partner, Gold Partner, and Platinum Partner.

This startup is a pan India distributor, having a presence in different parts of India. Their products range from E-cycle charger, E-Bike charger, E-Rickshaw to E-car charger. With the help of them you can set up private charging stations (home or shop) as well as public charging stations.

Benefits Offered

The cost of installing a charging station is minimal and cost effective, it will get easier for store to profit from this low investment plan. You will get full sales support, which includes, lead generation, product training, Customer services, and active market communications. This can be through several channels, such as data mining, social networking networks, email campaigns, and the company website. You get dedicated and single point of contact, with whom you can connect, whenever you have any question or if you need any help.

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