We Provide the Authentic Repair services for EV chargers and Battery

We provide services to repair complete E-bike charger, E-Rickshaw charger and Lithium battery problems. There may be any issue in EV charging and Battery Our engineer will help to resolve all the issue and our team is capable of resolving any charging related issues .


E-Bike & E-Rickshaw Charger Repair Services

24V/36V/48V/60V/72V charger problem solution

  • Charging LED is not getting on , No DC output on charger , MOSFET overheat issue , cable is burnt , connector issue, transformer issue, heat sink or Fan not working.

Lithium Battery charging problem solution

  • BMS issue, Lithium battery discharge  quickly, Zero Voltage on terminal ,connector issue, charging issue, NiMC/LiPo4 cell replacement, voltage indicator display, range increase.


We service all type of e rickshaw and e-bike lithium battery & charger repair center with genuine parts and quality service.

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