• Explosing proof 
  • Dust proof
  • fire proof 
  • Leakage proof
  • water resistant
  • Fuse protections
  • Over and under values protection
  • Overall vehicle system protection

                                                                eFOUR WHEELER BATTERY  

e Four wheeler battery solution are also avaliable using automative grade cell brackets and componenets, current sharing design with wire bonding technology. Fuse protection at single cell level, voltage insulation and inbuilt thermal management system is designed  as per vehicle’s requirement .Glass fibre heating  plate acts as safety valve. Approved throught a series of  tests like vibration, nail penetration, High temperature Ageing, Extrusion etc  makes it best for any kind of four wheeler/.

4w Lithium Battery

 No.  Description  Parameter  unit  EB011
 1.  Single cell  INR26650-50A 3.7 V 5.0Ah
2.  combination configuration  24P40S
3.  Model  48Cell module
 4.  Nominal voltage vdc  144
 5.  Nominal capacity Ah  120
 6. current  Max continous discharge  A  120
 7. Voltage vdc  110-168
 8.  Energy Kwh kwh  17.28
 9. charging protection voltage of cell(v)  vdc  4.23
10. Discharge protection voltage of cell vdc 2.6
11. installation position under passenger cabinet
12.   cooling method  Natural cooling
 13.  Total weight kg  139
14.  Dimension L*W*H mm  1235*685*194
 15.  operation temperation charging  c  0-45
     Discharging    20-55
16. cell balancing  yes
17.  communication  CANBUS
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