EV Charging Station

Host EV Charging Station for Your Home or Business with us

We also Provide Customized  Utility Software

Apartment and Society

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Shops and Offices

Industry and Factory

Install Charge and Earn


EV charging stations will be installed at workplace, society, restaurant , hotels, industry, factory and  shopping complex through open protocols OCPP1.6J.


Utility software for any individual is free to set up with our EV charger and  charging stations, provided that such stations meet our technical standards.


EV Charging Station Types


3.3kW AC 16Amp electric vehicle charging socket

EV charging socket don’t require any special installation – simply plug your charger into a standard wall socket and you’re ready to go to charge any e-bike car etc. Install this EV charging socket at your parking space and earn extra income with our free utility software.

7.4kW AC Type 2 electric car charger

Type 2 EV charger is mostly used by top electric car manufacturer like TATA, MG and Mahindra. This has the benefit of offering faster charging time, but it requires a special installation procedure as a standard wall outlet with MCB protection. this charger operates through RFID card or touch screen.

22kW DC CCS-2 CHAdeMO EV charging station

DC Fast Chargers, are primarily used in commercial and industrial settings, as they are usually expensive and require specialized and high voltage to operate. This fast DC chargers will charge electric car with about 80 percent  in 30 minutes, which makes them better suited for roadside charging stations

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