DC Quick Charger


Key Features:
•Simultaneous charging of up to two cars
•Easy to install, operate and service
•Dual Power Output with 50kW DC charging capacity
•More than 94% power efficiency
•Wired/wireless connectivity for integration with CMS
•User friendly LCD display for customer interface
•IP55 outdoor charging station

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Product Specification


AC Connection 3L + N + PE
Input Voltage (AC) 3 Phase, 415 Vac +/- 10%, 50Hz
Power Factor >0.98
Current Nominal 120 A per phase
Efficiency 94%
Mains Terminal Terminal blocks 3L + N + PE
Transient Class II/C protection
DC Charging Points – CCS & CHAdeMO
DC Output Voltage 200-500 Vdc
Maximum Charge Power 50 kW DC
Cable Length 5m
Protections Over Voltage protection,Under Voltage protection,Over Current circuit breaker,Short Circuit protection,Isolation Monitoring,Earth Monitoring
DC Charging Point – CCS
Compliance IEC 61851-23 / -24,IEC 62196-3,DIN 70121
Rating cable & gun 125 Adc/600 Vdc
DC Charging Point – CHAdeMO
Compliance IEC 61851-23 / -24,JEVS G 105,Rev. 1.2 compliant
AC Charging Point
Compliance IEC-61851-22
AC socket 22 kW charge pt IEC 62196-2 Mode 3, Type 2
Nominal AC voltage 400 VRMS
Maximum Charge Current/Power 3 x 32 ARMS @ 22 kW point
Protections RCD Type B,Surge Protection,Over Current Breaker,Earth Monitoring
User Interface & Control
Display 7” Graphical Color display
Language English
Push Button Emergency Stop
User Authentication OTP Based/ RFID (Optional)
Visual Indication Mains Available, Charging Status, System Error
Charger & Vehicle PLC Communication(CCS) CAN Communication(CHAdeMO) Control Pilot (AC Type 2)
Charger & CMS Protocol: OCPP 1.6 (Open Charge Point Protocol) Interface : Ethernet, 2G/3G/4G
Ingress Protection IP55
Cooling Air Cooled
Ambient Temperature – 25 to +45 °C
Relative humidity 95% max. non condensing
Communication Compliance Tested over OCA compliant OCPP test tool
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